​Helan's Linea Mamma, Bimbi and Sole ranges are formulated and produced using the highest possible standards, respecting quality and the environment in accordance to internationally recognised standards

UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 Quality Management and UNI EN ISO 14001/2004 Environmental Management
In 2000, Helan was the first Italian cosmetic manufacturer to obtain both.
STOP ANIMAL TESTING” ICEA n.002 Certification:
Helan has always collaborated with the Italian associations that defend animal rights and in 1998 Helan joined the first International ‘Not Tested on Animals’ Standard as promoted by the LAV (Anti-Vivisection League). In 2004 Helan obtained the ICEA n.002 Certification (Institute for Ethical Environmental Certification) and the right to use the international “Stop Animal Testing” logo.
As an example of Helan’s care for the environment, Helan joined the 
Clean Energy program. This certifies that Helan respects the environment and that every single Kwh of electricity used by the company is produced from renewable sources of energy without the use of fossil fuels (verified by the international DNV organisation).
Helan has launched a line of Bio-Ecocosmetics certified by ICEA. Today the raw material market has evolved, offering certified guarantees and continuity of supply.
raw materials sourced from certified organic production in economically developing regions.
Nickel, Chrome, Lead, tested
in accordance to European
directive n. 94/27/CE);