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Masmi Anatomical Sanitary Pads, recommended for all kind of discharges, strong menstruations, small light incontinence, surgery or after giving birth.

• Made with Certified Organic Cotton, which has been grown without using chemical herbicides, fertilizers or pesticides.

• Hypoallergenic, which helps prevent the risk of irritations and allergies.

• High absorbency absorbent core for greater security.

• Anatomical shape that adapts better to your body

• Soft and spongy.

• Impermeable layer in biodegradable film.

• No synthetic plastics in contact of your skin.

• It does not contain perfumes or superabsorbents. Purified without Chlorine or Dioxin

• Gynaecologists, midwives and obstetricians recommend the use of natural cotton OTHER BRANDS

Most of the Pads available in the market are normally made with non-natural materials which could cause irritation in women skin and could also damage our environment. Their composition usually is: Top layer made with plastic or other synthetic materials. Absorbent core made with cellulose or fluff. Fluff pulp is obtained from trees and could be treated mechanically or chemically. Impermeable layer made with non-biodegradable plastic. They usually contain superabsorbent and perfumes.

Masmi Pads are the healthier, natural and ecological choice for the feminine hygiene as their composition respects women’s Health and Environment. Top layer and absorbent core made with Certified Organic Cotton, which is grown without using chemical pesticides or herbicides. Impermeable layer made with biodegradable material. Made without perfume and superabsorbent. They do not contain viscose or cellulose. No Chlorine used in the purifying process.

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